I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been born and raised in southern California and to have lived in both Colorado and New York for long periods of time. As a result, I have an equal love of the ocean and the California beach culture as I do for the laid-back Colorado lifestyle, the natural beauty of the Rockies and the incomparable energy and "center-of-the-universe" feeling that only New York can offer.

After much soul-searching, and a strong desire not to use a snow shovel again, I now find myself having come home to Southern California after 27 years, pulled back by the siren song of the Pacific Ocean.

I've always been a westerner at heart, and look forward to settling in for the long-term along the beaches of Orange County, but I feel a powerful and significant attachment to New York as it is where I got married and started a family. And a wonderful family it is.

Photography has been both a hobby and a passion for over 30 years, but when our daughter was born I took everything to a new level as I wanted to teach myself how to more creatively capture the special moments in her life. In doing so, I've learned just how powerful the camera is as a tool - its ability to harness the sheer importance of light, the intricacies of exposure, the balance of focus and depth and the vast variety of color and subject.

I find that creating beautiful images of and for others is even more rewarding than shooting for myself. I take enormous pleasure in freezing a magical instant...or the hidden moments that tell a story of love, life and family. I hope to capture in your family what I most want to see in my own, moments exposed in time that become cherished memories of tomorrow.

-Ken Bachrach